Matthew 22: 34-46; Leviticus 19: 1-2. 15-18
The law of love The law of love The law of love

Loving God is the back side of love. It has a front side. Loving others is how you love God. How you treat peopleis your worship. Neighborliness is prayer. Justice is piety. Same love, two sides. One does not exist without the other. Love people as if they are God and love God as you love yourself.

By Steve Garnaas Holmes



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Bulletin Cover: Artwork by Daniel Bonnell, Transcendence of A Child, 2012 

Left side of church:  Leviticus  -- Love your Neighbour – By 17th-century Baroque artist Guido Reni

Right Side of church:  Matthew -- I Am A Child of God – Howard Lyon