Luke chapters 1 and 2
"An inner home" "An inner home" "An inner home" "An inner home" "An inner home"

Come humbly, Holy Child,

stir in the womb

of our complacency;

shepherd our vision

of the little we need

for abundant living. 

Come humbly, Holy Spirit,

to whisper through the leaves

in the garden of our ignorance,

exposing our blindness

to children dying,

hungry and in pain. 

Come humbly, Holy Light,

pierce our lack of generosity and love,

scattering our dark fear

of living freely in your way,

poured out in wanton service. 

Come humbly, Holy Wisdom,

cry through the empty streets

of our pretence to care,

that the face of the poor

will be lifted up,

for holy is your name. 

Come humbly, Holy God,

be born into our rejoicing,

Come quickly, humble God,

and reign.

A Mothers’ Union Day on Magnificat, Durham, England, 1989 (contributed by Ginger Shaw)


Art 1: Mary (A painting Vivian McGie’s Great Grandmother bought in Italy during her travels)

Art 2: The Visitation (Artist: Dorothy Webster Hawk)

Art 3: Madonna of Peace (Artist: Heather Luccock)

Art 4: Bethlehem Hinter Mauern (Artist: Janina Zang, contributed by Janet Morris)

Art 5: Intimacy – Mother and child (Artist: Sharon Smith)