Mark 9:2-9; 2 Kings 2:1-12
Grace will arise Grace will arise Grace will arise

Stand still.

The trees ahead and bushes beside you are not lost.

Wherever you are is called Here,

And you must treat it as a powerful stranger.

by David Wagoner, In the Shelter, Padraig O Tauma

As ‘terrified’ or ‘fearful’ disciples we prefer to build a booth or a statue or frame a map to mark someone else’s experience than embark on the journey ourselves.  

Fear comes in many forms:    

Apprehensive   Scared   Terrified   Blaming   Uneasy   Nervous   Jealous    Unsure   Timid   Worried   Inadequate   Threatened   Insecure   Powerless 

For some of us it fuels an action that is often disconnected from wisdom.

Fearful busyness is a flurry of energy and often creates turmoil for others, missing the real issue at stake. Fear comes out of our fixations. That is our patterns of thinking that is a habit of mind. It's the habit of mind, the habit of attention that is essentially there to minimize focussing on the very thing we need to deal with. Fixation usually keeps my focus on certain things. Usually, the fixation isn't wrong. It's just a very limited view of reality. The fixation is to kind of manage suffering, but it also doesn't let it get healed. It kind of keeps it in place. It postpones dealing with it.

We are invited to journey to that place of fear, sit with the questions that arise, and be still. Grace will arise.


Artist: Ron Dicianni

Image from St. Brendan’s Anglican church

Artist:  The Transfiguration of Christ by Earl Mott (b. 1949)


Padraig O Tauma: In the Shelter (Padraig's website

"It is in the shelter of each other that the people live"

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