Mark 13: 1-8
The Indigenous Church – the ‘Word made Flesh’ The Indigenous Church – the ‘Word made Flesh’

"Since the missionaries arrived, there has been a disciplined and dedicated attempt to make Indigenous churches look, act and feel like their non-Indigenous counterparts. We can say, once and for all, it was a failure. It isn’t that Indigenous congregations don’t have the means or capacity to mimic their counterparts. From the beginning and for the most part, Indigenous Christians realized that to be faithful to God and serve their communities they had to allow the Word to become flesh in their midst in an Indigenous way and to make a culturally relevant and community-based witness to the eternal truth of the gospel.

Today, one of the important ways that people may witness Indigenous self-determination is in the growing enthusiasm among Indigenous Christians to see the gospel firmly planted in their own culture and context."
- Archbishop Mark Macdonald (National Indigenous Archbishop of the Anglican Church of Canada) 

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