“An informal meeting was held by a few of the residents in the Capilano Highlands to discuss plans for the establishment of an Anglican Church in the area”.

(Parish Minutes, May 28, 1948)

And so, the journey of St. Catherine’s Capilano began. On June that year 50 people gathered for the first service before  a rough-hewn log altar on what is now the church parking lot. 

That September a 24x48 tarpaper ‘shack’, initially intended to accommodate services for one year, was constructed on the same spot. However, it would be three years before the first permanent church building was dedicated. 

With a rapidly-growing membership the building soon proved to be inadequate in space and functionality, particularly for the Sunday School which numbered 1,000 children!

A succession of rectors from St. John’s church looked after the parish until 1951 when Archdeacon H. J. Greig was appointed rector and Archdeacon of Capilano. During his incumbency the parish grew in leaps and bounds. He left St. Catherine’s in 1956 and was succeeded by the Reverend John Godkin. Under his leadership the current church building was constructed in 1962. 

After John left the parish in 1970 the Reverend Ian Grant, who had been Dean’s Vicar at Christ Church Cathedral, was inducted as St. Catherine’s third rector. He left in 1987 and later that year the Reverend William  Pike became our fourth rector. He was followed by the Reverend John Mash who was inducted in 1993. When he retired in 2007, the Reverend Christine Rowe became our first woman and current rector.  

Under her leadership, our parish is working closely with the other 4 Anglican churches in north vancouver and  the 2 Lutheran churches to strengthen God's mission and ministry in the north vancouver region.