St. Catherine's offers one of the best venues for concerts, parties, and group meetings/events on the North Shore.  

Please contact the parish administrator at 604-985-0666, or at to check availability, discuss rental rates, and book a space. 

A Sacred Space with chairs and table, suitable for large meetings, and gatherings.

The Sacred Space can accommodate up to 200 people for various events and gatherings. With its spacious layout, this venue offers an ideal setting for hosting a wide range of events, including weddings, memorial services, concerts and recitals, conferences, seminars, and parties.

It features a grand entrance, creating a sense of elegance and welcoming guests. The interior space is well-maintained and well-furnished, providing a comfortable and inviting atmosphere. The layout is adaptable, allowing flexibility in arranging seating and tables to accommodate different event configurations.


Theatre: 200                                                       

Dinner: 150                                                         

Round: 80                                                            



Mary Pellatt Room
A large and quiet room ideal for meetings and presentations

This generously sized room provides a calm and focused environment, ensuring a distraction-free space for productive discussions and impactful presentations.  With ample seating and a layout designed for optimal visibility,  your meetings will flow smoothly in this professionally appointed setting.


Theatre: 30

Boardroom: 20

Mingling: 40

Sunflower Room
A classroom, used by the preschool during the week, available evenings and weekends. Children’s tables and chairs, with sinks.

Furnished with child-friendly tables and chairs, this charming room is tailored to suit the unique needs of young learners. Equipped with sinks for added convenience, it provides an engaging environment for interactive and hands-on experiences. Whether you're planning weekend workshops, community events, or educational gatherings, this adaptable classroom is ready to accommodate your needs.


20 children + 5 adults

Gymnasium (Gower Hall)
Gym space, useful for sports groups/fitness, dinners, exhibits and large meetings.
Our versatile Gym Space is a dynamic venue perfectly tailored for sports groups, fitness enthusiasts, exhibits, theatre plays, and large meetings. It provides a spacious and adaptable environment that caters to a variety of events.


Theatre Style: 300

Dining at tables: 200

Mingling: 350

Conference Room
A quiet Room with lounge feel chairs, tables, children’s desk/chair, useful for meetings & presentations.

This haven of tranquility is designed for focused meetings and presentations. With its lounge-style chairs and tables, and big windows, this space seamlessly blends comfort and functionality to create an inviting atmosphere where ideas flow freely, and productivity thrives.



Music Room
A large bright carpeted room with a small sink and counter space, suitable for medium sized groups with noise.

The Music Room is a sanctuary for musicians and music lovers alike. The ample space accommodates medium-sized groups, allowing for dynamic rehearsals, collaborative jam sessions, and lively performances.

Equipped with a small sink and counter space, convenience is at your fingertips. Whether you're taking a break between sets or need a quick refreshment, the thoughtful amenities in the Music Room ensure that your focus remains on the music.


Theatre-style: 25

Greig Hall
This well-appointed room strikes a balance between functionality and comfort.

Nestled in a more intimate setting than our expansive gym, this room is thoughtfully furnished to provide a welcoming retreat for various purposes such as a workspace, a spot for casual gathering, or a workshop. The room features a couple of plush sofas, perfect for lounging and unwinding. A large area rug adds a touch of comfort underfoot, creating a cozy ambiance that encourages relaxation and casual conversation.


Fixed seating: 60

Mingling: 75

Choir Room
Open space suitable for larger groups with noise.

This purpose-designed space is perfect for choral groups, vocal rehearsals, and musical workshops.

Whether you're preparing for a performance, recording session, or simply seeking a dedicated space to let your voices soar, this room is a harmonious haven waiting to be filled with the melodies of your choir.


Theatre: 30

Meet Our Partners

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