Preschool,Youth & Young People

Children of all ages take part in our Sunday services and visit our church building throughout the week. Currently, we are working with five other Anglican (ACC) churches and two Lutheran (ELCIC) churches to plan events and programs together. We also offer a monthly "Messy Church" program, which is a family-friendly way to explore Christian values with your children in a casual, social environment (learn more about Messy Church by clicking on its sub-page at left).

If you have any questions about bringing your family to church, introducing your children to the "Big Questions," or the baptism of babies, children or adults, please be in touch with our rector, Christine.

We have a new Regional Youth Ministry Coordinator Liz Ruder-Celiz. If you want to find out about up coming events contact Liz via St Catherine`s 604 985 0666.

We're proud of our great preschool, which has a long legacy of serving families throughout North Vancouver. Please have a look at the preschool's website to learn more.

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