We are so glad you landed on this page ..... WELCOME!

Your heading here
Your heading here

If you are curious about this community, please continue through our site. If none of it makes sense, stop around in person. You are welcome to check us out for a service, an event or a session. There will be no expectations, no judgments...

You are welcome to connect in any way you need.

Come as you are if you are ninety or if you are nine. If you are nine, maybe bring an older friend with you. Come on your own, with a partner ( any gender), with children. Come if you have it all together or if you are trying to sort out your own personal puzzle...

You are as welcome as you are.

Come for the community, for the liturgy, for the music, for the coffee. Come if you want some support or if you want the companionship for a cause. Come to learn, to pray, to make friends. Come if you are searching for an answer-so are we!

Whatever brought you to this page, we hope, will bring you to our church...

You will be welcomed.

This community is doing what we can to make a difference for others and the world through following Jesus' teaching. We value love, respect, and inclusiveness.