Sundays at Church

Sunday worship at St. Catherine’s begins with a service at 10 am and this usually lasts about an hour. We are a community who gather around the table (Communion, sometimes called ‘Eucharist’), so almost every Sunday the service follows a pattern of gathering and welcome, spiritual readings (Bible readings & contemporary readings)  and reflection or sermon, prayers, music and song and then communion. During the sharing of the bread (communion) the congregation comes to the altar  to receive the bread and wine. Following COVID we are offering a bread-only station and a bread and wine station. The wine is from a common cup. Everyone is welcome to receive communion - we have an open table. 

When you arrive at St. Catherine’s you will be greeted and given a bulletin or hand-out that outlines the service and has all the speaking parts for the congregation written in it. It also contains the hymns and songs that we’ll be singing. If you are unfamiliar with the rituals and customs of this Anglican Church simply relax and let the congregation carry you in worship. We really do mean this!  If it takes a few weeks to get used to the way we do things don’t worry!

If you are bringing children to the service there is Sunday school or Godly Play as we like to call it, during September – June. The children gather with their teacher at the start of the service and receive a blessing from the Priest before we process into the church, and they go with their teacher to learn about the Gospel reading that adults hear, and then come back into the church to take the Eucharist with their families. There are also some children who choose to stay in the whole service with their families.There are activity bags available.
Coffee time follows the service in the Maria Heller Lobby. Stay as long or as short as you feel comfortable. We would love to have a conversation wtih you.