Thank you for your interest in participating in the work of St Catherine's Church.

As Christians, we believe that our lives, our talents, our relationships, our communities, our environment and our material wealth all belong first to God. God invites us to be stewards and caretakers of these things.

At St Catherine's, we seek ways to serve one another, and the world that God loves in response to God’s own generosity, a generosity that has sought us out and found us.

We respond to God, community, church, family, and world with our time, talents, and financial resources. We don’t give primarily to a budget, but to the vision, God is showing us how we can contribute to flourishing in this community, and in the wider world.

Even more importantly, we find that in giving we are transformed into people better able to find God in each other and the world around us.



You are invited to join us in the shared responsibility of our community’s financial vitality as we continue to grow St Catherine's capacity to extend a wide welcome to one and all in the name of Jesus.

St Catherine's is supported by the tithes and offerings of its members and donations from Friends of St Catherine's, Visitors and donors who have a specific program they wish to support.

You can give one-time or recurring offerings using Canada Helps web site. Canada Helps processes these donations with a small amount withheld for processing. But it's a convenient way of making a donation if you are unable to make a donation any other way.

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