St. Catherine’s Anglican Church is a community of Christian seekers 
who welcome your participation in the journey.
While we are rooted in tradition, we strive to ensure that our faith is 
alive and responsive to the modern world in which we all live. We 
appreciate questioning and engagement; we invite all to the table. 
Through weekly worship, learning opportunities, community outreach, 
and North Vancouver-wide youth programs, we offer a grounded 
presence in which people are encouraged to explore their faith. 
Above all, we honour the strengthening of relationships and the 
development of community, both within our walls and outside them. 
We recognize that God can be found in every encounter, in every 
place, and at any time. 
Please drop in to see us or give us a call; we’d be delighted to hear 
from you. Our service times are listed at the top of our home page.

No one has ever see God; if we love one another, 
God lives in us, and God's love is perfected in us.
- I John 4:12

Wondering if you belong here?

Just so you know, different approaches to scripture and different understandings of the Sacred are common underneath the “big tent” that is the Anglican church; we value every person’s contribution to the conversation.