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On this Soul Food Sunday, we will gather with strangers and friends around the breakfast table to hear sacred story and share some of our own. Communion is administered around the tables. Breakfast is provided, come along and participate in this meaningful form of community worship.

What is Soul Food Sunday
People of faith have been gathering around tables and eating together as part of their worship for centuries. It defines us. Jesus asked his followers to remember him by eating together. In Christianity, records of the early church suggest that they primarily met for worship at mealtime. This became the sacred eucharistic act of breaking bread and drinking wine, reminding us of Christ’s love and imparting the mystery of grace.
On the first Sunday of the month at Saint Catherine’s, we gather for a breakfast meal known as Soul Food Sunday. We do not focus on worship and then eat together later, rather we understand the meal is an act of worship. Communing with each other, we share our faith stories around a breakfast feast.
“This contemporary revival of the early church practice of shared meals as Eucharist and worship suggests something important. As our world devalues interpersonal contact in preference for digital media, as differences in belief create deep fractures in denominations, and as the political landscape continues to reinforce division, people long to sit down together and eat”… remembering Christ at the table.

We will Feast: Rethinking dinner, worship, and the community of God, by Kendall Vanderslice.