Eucharistic Ministers

Eucharistic Ministers Schedule

Please note this is an updated schedule with 6 Eucharistic ministers per Sunday.

2 will administer to the congregation. 4 will assist at the altar.

The first person listed is the Sub-deacon for each week and, with the Deacon, will distribute the wine & bread.

Please come to the altar immediately after the Lord’s Prayer.


January / March/ May / July/ September/ November

1 Vivian McGie,  Lynn Spence, Gaynor Stone, Derek Barratt,

2 Phyllis Mittlestead, Heather Luccock, John Luccock, Gillian Holland, Lori Burns, Sandra Falck

3 Dora Harvey, Tony Dodd

4 Alison Watt, Robert Watt, Donna Stewart, Gary Stewart, Nancy Sunderland, Phil Sunderland

February /April/ June/ August/ October/ December

1 Bonnie Grundy, Monica Macdonald, Derek Barratt, Molly Koning, Lynn Spence

2 Gordon Lee, Sandra Falck, Heather Peacock, Gillian Holland, Lori Burns, Heather Luccock

3 Monica Macdonald, Julia Hadrill, Bev London, Gaynor Stone

4 Elizabeth Barratt, Nancy Sunderland, Phil Sunderland, Ann Mansfield, Phyllis Mittlestead


Any Week 5 Vivian McGie, John Luccock, Dora Harvey, Tony Dodd, Heather Peacock


Reminder: Please make sure you arrange for someone to cover your duty if you are away or unable to fulfil your duty. Thank you.