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Alistair Peacock was proud as punch to spend the weekend of August 7 to 9 holding the title of Canada's newest citizen. He was the 58th out of 58 new citizens sworn in on the Friday afternoon, in the final, western-most citizenship ceremony to be held before citizenship court doors opened again Monday morning.

Alistair was also moved and grateful to be sworn in before Judge Robb Watt, longtime St. Catherine's parishioner and former Chief Herald of Canada.

A friend who attended a celebratory gathering at the Peacocks' that evening spoke about having recently returned from visiting her ailing father in Iran. She emphasized how privileged she felt to be a Canadian citizen now herself, and how fortunate we are to call this country home. Her sentiments were enthusiastically endorsed by all, especially by Canada's newest citizen!

Many congratulations from all your friends at St. Catherine's, Alistair!