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Message from Phyllis Mittlestead and Penny Zuk

This year because of the covid restrictions we have to do things differently this year. We cannot stand in the church lobby as a group admiring Phyllis's lovely Christmas hanging or handle things too much or do extra running around buying things. Phyllis and Penny have decided that this year the best way to fundraise for the hampers would be for you, dear parishioners, to individually donate money online to Family Services of the North Shore.

To that end I phoned Amy Lynn Taylor who is their chief organizer and she completely agrees with that. They need money especially this year because so many people have lost their jobs due to the covid situation. Online money donations are what they urgently need.

So, please feel free to go to
Then click on the “ give now “ button over the website address.

Or you can donate by phone
778 318 3683
The volunteers at Family Services are very organized this year to go out and do the buying and the putting together of the hampers etc, not us, but they need the money first.