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Many are wondering when we will be able to return to in-person worship, following the encouraging news from the Premier, Health Minister Dix and Dr. Bonnie Henry this week.

Bishop John in a recent letter wrote to the clergy of the Diocese saying: 

"Earliest Start Date June 15: At this stage, outdoor worship can be a gathering of up to 50 people (with all required COVID protocols in place). Indoor worship allows for 50 people. I do give my permission for parishes (and other worshipping communities) to plan to re-open for indoor worship starting June 15 (unless the PHO changes this date). This would mean that all the COVID protocols would need to be in place (masks, distancing, hand hygiene, contact tracing, etc) to ensure the safety of all. Eucharist (the bread or Body of Christ only) may be offered. At this stage the ban on congregational singing will remain in place. If your parish filed a Phase 3 COVID Protocol Plan last year, that will come back into effect during this period (no need to resubmit)"

The wardens, parish council and I are deliberating whether to host outdoor or indoor services and when we might return for the first in-person service. We are taking the following factors into consideration:

  • Both indoor and outdoor services require safety plans, 4-6 marshalls, and someone overseeing the plan;
  • Outdoor services make space for social connection and conversation;
  • Indoor services require the space to be sanitized before and after; and 
  • Rev. Sharon is taking leave between June 27th and July 14th, supply clergy cannot be expected to oversee the safety plan.

We ask for your patience as we consider all the angles of this important decision,

Rev. Sharon, Robb, Chris and Linda.