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Thanksgiving is a time when communities gather. Family, friends, neighbours and even strangers come together to acknowledge: all that we have is gift. 

Indigenous Peoples of Canada have taught us to celebrate the Feast of Thanksgiving, blessing the earth's abundance at harvest time. 

Each year we sit around a table and before we eat we respond to a question:

"At this time of Thanksgiving what are we thankful for this year?" 

Watch a short video as members of the St Catherine's Community Respond.

Recognizing our good fortune this year despite COVID-19 we are asking for your additional support to St Catherine’s during this season of Thanksgiving in two ways: 

1)    To assist the church to offset shortages in funding during the coming months as we return to in-person services.; and 

2)    In lieu of our Thanksgiving Dinner, we plan to provide assistance in the form of grocery vouchers and gifts cards to our neighbours in North Vancouver who normally attend the dinner. 


Our target is to raise $16,000 between September 20th and October 11th 2020.


This will be split 50/50 between the church and grocery vouchers/gift cards for those who normally attend our Thanksgiving dinner.

A letter will arrive in the mail in the next week, if you are on the St Catherine's mailing list. An envelope will be included for your generous donation, as you are able. 

You can also give online via the Canada Helps website to the fund "Thanksgiving Special Appeal".