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Palm Sunday - April 10th at 10 am

We begin Holy Week with the triumph, confusion and chaos of Palm Sunday. A traditional service at 10 am with a children’s processional and retelling of Jesus’ entrance into Jerusalem, followed by a dramatic reading of Christ’s Passion. Palm crosses will be available.

Monday (April 11th), Tuesday (April 12th) and Wednesday (April 13th)   at 8 pm

Evening prayer times on Zoom (video and phone) at 8 pm led by a member of the St. Catherine's Community. We will be praying together and reflecting on scripture. The theme is endurance. Have a candle with you at home to light as we enter into the presence of the Holy. 

Maundy Thursday - April 14th at 6 pm

A simple supper in the Gym at 6 pm with a communion service where we, through liturgy and action, enter into Christ's experience of death. The service will end in the church with the stripping of the Altar, a memorial to the crucifixion, and a time of silence in the Garden of Repose. 

Register for this event here. 

Good Friday - April 15th from 10 am to 4 pm

The art of Chris Woods will guide our walk of the stations of the cross this year. These paintings depict the suffering of Christ on the Via Dolorosa, but re-imagined in a Vancouver context of the 1990’s. Woods used friends and family as models for the pieces. They will be on display at the church from 10 am - 4 pm. A meditative booklet will be available. Event by donation. 

Holy Saturday - April 16th at 7 - 8:30 pm

Join us outdoors on St. Catherine’s grounds, for a fireside gathering from 7 to 8:30 pm. Traditionally the church kindles a fire in the darkness of Holy Saturday as a sign of hope and light in dark times. From this New Fire the Resurrection candle is lit. At 8 pm we will light our Candle and offer a prayer. Hot chocolate will be served.

Easter Sunday - April 17th at 10 am

On Easter Sunday we will gather for a traditional service at 10 am with trumpet and organ to celebrate Christ’s resurrection, new life and hope. St Catherine’s children will be part of the service. There will be an easter egg hunt and hot cross buns will be served in the lobby at the close of the service.