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As we embrace the new normal please see below regarding how to access your passport vaccine card, that is required for social gatherings in the community.

Please note that at this time, it is NOT required for church attendance. However we are encouraging everyone who is able to be vaccinated.

We are in this together.

With thanks to Deborah Foster for her research and the discription on the website. Click 'read more' 


The BC Vaccine Card is now a necessity to show proof of vaccination. If you are finding the online hunt to acquire the card a wee bit daunting, you are not alone. I found it initially confusing, but a little perseverance with attention to detail and you can find your way to your destination.

If, however, you prefer to forgo your computer or tablet, you can get help

by telephone 1-833-838-2323.

Lines are open 7am to 7pm - 7 days a week.

Whether by telephone or smartphone, tablet, or computer you need three pieces of information: 

  1. Your personal health number found on the back of your driver’s license or BC ID card, or on the older care cards.
  2. Your date of birth.
  3. The date of your 1st or 2nd vaccination (on the card you were given when you were

Open your browser, and go to the following URL:

The page you come to looks the photo on this post.

Fill in your Personal Health Number. Click on those little arrows beside Year, Month, Day, and  scroll through the drop down list to find your dates.

The list may appear at the bottom of your screen, depending on your smartphone/table or computer.

Once you’ve filled in the required information, press Enter.

Your official BC Vaccine Card will appear on screen. It will have your name, the date the BC Vaccine Card is issued to you, and the QRCode box that has all the information needed for scanning.

This QR Code has your proof of vaccination.

On your smartphone/tablet, take a screen shot, or save a copy to your photos or download folder.

On your desktop or laptop, save the image as a PDF for printing or emailing to yourself.

Then you can carry this BC Vaccine Card on your phone, or you may wish to print out a small copy rather than show your phone to someone.

Printable version of these instructions is below in the downloads section.