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St. Catherine's is a community that knows how to be generous. Thanksgiving is a time for us to give. Remember when we invited guests to join us for a home cooked meal? Then in 2020 we collected over $5,000 dollars, providing 204 families with food vouchers. And in 2021, 178 vouchers were distributed by St. Catherine's partners*

This year - we are inviting you to aim high with us: let's support 200 families. We can do it.

How many families will you support? Each voucher costs $25.

Join our movement,  join in on our generosity!

Donation Link Here.

*We are partnering with the following North Shore agencies: Neighborhood House, Pathways Mental Illness Society, Canadian Mental Health Association, Seniors Hub, Turning Point, Look Out Centre, Harvest Project and the John Braithwaite Community Centre.