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North Vancouver Regional Youth Ministry Coordinator

(Part time)


The purpose of this position is to grow the youth ministry offered by the Anglican and Lutheran worshipping communities in North Vancouver.


The primary role of the Youth Ministry Coordinator is to refine our regional youth ministry plan, coordinate and be the key person involved in its delivery. This will involve working with the Anglican and Lutheran worshipping communities in North Vancouver to provide Christian programing for adolescents, youth, and young adults that strengthens and encourages their understanding of God’s work in their lives, nurtures a sense of Anglican and Lutheran heritage, and promotes a sense of belonging to the North Vancouver Region.


Specific responsibilities:

1. Working with the Youth Ministry support team comprised ofyouth, leaders and volunteers from the region, the Youth Ministry Coordinator will develop and deliver a seven month program plan for regional youth ministry including a budget, timeline, and deliverables.

2. The plan will provide regular regional programming from September 2014 through March 2015 for ages 11-14, 15-18, 19-25 to include the following elements:

  • focus on the concerns and interests of the young people involved
  • build the skills of hospitality, welcome, cooperation and collaboration
  • focus on spiritual/faith exploration in a creative, fun, and open manner
  • foster leadership development and young people’s own exercise of ministry
  • exploration of scripture, discussions, prayer, and mentoring
  • foster effective ministry by and for young people in the region


3. Program delivery will focus on specific events and will typically include:

             Providing enthusiastic participation and leadership;    

Target group; Theme; Purpose; Venue – normally one of the seven churches in the region or a public park or other facility (e.g. a rec centre, bowling alley, etc.);

Promotion plan – posters, notices in bulletins, Regional Blog, Facebook, phone tree, etc.; Recruitment of sufficient number of qualified volunteers for the event; Provision of food, snacks and refreshments as needed; Activities plan; Opportunity for evaluative feedback from participants.


4.  In addition, the Youth Ministry Coordinator will:

  • Ensure the safety of young people involved in programing at all times.
  • Communicate regularly with youth, leaders, parents and volunteers regarding programs, events and outreach opportunities.
  • Be present at one of the worshipping communities every Sunday on a rotating basis (e.g. each church will receive a visit once every seven weeks) in order to report to each community about on-going youth ministry events.
  • Encourage, mentor and support youth and young adult involvement in all aspects of church life.
  • Manage program budget, including some fundraising for events.
  • Liaise with clergy regarding pastoral care of young people and families.
  • Support and mentor volunteers who work with youth.
  • Report to Regional Council on a monthly basis, usually in person.
  • Participate as a member of the Ministry Team (currently comprised of the regional clergy).



  • The Youth Ministry Coordinator will report directly to the regional ministry coordinator, Archdeacon Lynne McNaughton.
  • The Youth Ministry Coordinator will work with the Youth Ministry Team and the Regional Leadership Team, and will report and receive feedback regularly.
  • The Youth Ministry Coordinator will make regular written reports to the North Vancouver Regional Council.


Desirable Skills and Experience

  • Energy and enthusiasm
  • Experienced in church based youth ministry.
  • Post-secondary education in child and youth education, theology or related fields.
  • Working knowledge of the Anglican and Lutheran Churches; their identities, structures, inclusiveness and diversity. Also, a knowledge and understanding of working ecumenically and with other faith groups.
  • Gifts in music and musical leadership.


Terms and Conditions

This is a half-time contract position (based on an average of 20 hours per week) beginning August 15, 2014. The initial contract is for a 7 month period with the possibility that the position may continue.   

The salary is based on an average of 20 hours per week at an hourly rate commensurate with experience , and is paid on the 23rd of each month by direct deposit via the payroll department of the Diocese of New Westminster.




Other requirements

  • Current Police Records Check with Vulnerable Sector Search.
  • Undertake training in the denominational policies on sexual misconduct and anti-racism at the first available opportunity.
  • Valid BC driver’s license and access to a vehicle


This position is open to all qualified candidates. If ordained, the candidate must be acceptable by the Bishop of the Diocese of New Westminster and agree to uphold the Bishop’s Expectations for Clergy.


To apply

Submit a cover letter and resume as an attachment to [email protected] before July 2, 2014. The cover letter must include contact information for two employment references and one character reference from a person in a leadership position in the faith community where you currently belong.

Only candidates of interest will be contacted; interviews will be conducted mid-July with an anticipated start date of mid-August.








June 2014