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There was lots to laugh about at St. Catherine's Vicar of Dibley Marathon - and not just in this classic BBC comedy! Between inadvertently flaming plum puddings, funny costumes and timing miscalculations that stretched a 12-hour event into a 16-hour gigglefest, much fun was had by all.

Eight people participated from the 9 a.m. start all the way through to the 1 a.m. finish, with many others coming and going throughout the day. Both attendees and even those who were not able to make it supported the event very generously, with $4,250 raised to date.

Diocesan Communications coordinator Randy Murray has posted a super story to the Diocesan website, so please take a look

Many thanks from organizers Heather Peacock ("Alice") and Peggy Trendell-Jensen ("the Rev. Geraldine Granger") to the many people who pitched in by donating baking for the tea breaks, a turkey for the Christmas Lunch, a mysteriously delivered gift of wine at dinner, and a great deal of time spent in the kitchen keeping everyone fed! Many thanks, too, for tech support from Tom Rowe and Phil Sunderland, to the many for their financial contributions - and to all those whose good spirits kept the marathon enjoyable for 16 hours straight!