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Music is one of the most uplifting and comforting ways to tend our spirits.  There is a lot of Easter music on You Tube but if you want to listen to some Easter hymns (in addition to Siiri’s wonderful voice singing at our own Easter season services) you can listen to the BBC program Songs of Praise that was filmed in different parts of Jerusalem in 2019.  It is as an Easter special and includes a tour of the Church of the Holy Sepulchre and other places in Jerusalem. Click on the link below. It’s 34 minutes.  

Songs of Praise

On Easter Sunday, Andrea Bocelli sang inside an empty Milan Cathedral while cameras roamed the now empty streets of Paris, London, Venice, Milan and other European cities. It was a haunting and moving 30 minutes especially when he left the cathedral and stood outside to sing Amazing Grace in English as the last piece.  The presentation was broadcast live at 7PM Milan time / 10AM Vancouver time last Sunday and shown all over the world via Facebook. So far, more than 32 million people have listened to it.  Click on the link below and watch.

Andrea Bocelli

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