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The Diocese has issued new rules around reopening for in-person services

It will no longer be necessary to register with the St Catherine’s office if you are coming to Sunday worship as there are no limits on the number of people attending services.   The bishop is recommending that parishioners and greeters continue to wear masks and space themselves out when seated in the church. 

We ask the same.  

We will have congregational singing but will keep our masks on for now. 

Communion will continue to be administered with just the bread and parishioners should sanitize their hands before coming up. Coffee will continue on zoom for this Sunday and we will make a decision about in-person coffee next week.

Some people will not be comfortable standing too close to chat or visit.  We ask that everyone continue to respect physical distancing while we slowly return to more relaxed interactions.     

These restrictions may be modified at a later date.  

If anyone has any questions, please contact one of the Wardens either Robb Watt ([email protected]) or Linda Robertson ([email protected]) and they will call you.