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Take part in our Vicar of Dibley Marathon on Saturday, October 25 - this may well be your only chance to binge-watch all 20 episodes of this BBC hit comedy back-to-back! And for what a good cause - you'll be raising much-needed funds for St. Catherine's! 

It’s free to enter at 9 a.m. - but you have to pay if you leave early!

That’s right – leave in the first hour, it will cost you a thousand bucks. J                           

If you leave before 11 a.m., don’t worry – we’ll only hit you up or $200.

Leave before 1 pm, and it’ll cost $150.

And so on....   Make it to the end of the night, you’ll get off scott free!


Confession: If you can only come for an hour or two, we will gladly give you a three-show pass for a minimum donation of $30. We hope everyone else is in for the long-term!

Can’t make it? You can:

-Give a donation for every marathoner who completes the event (to 9 or 10 pm!)   

-Sponsor a Dibley marathoner: make a personal pledge.  

- Contribute food or help with the food prep.
This will be a really fun day with lots of the Vicar of Dibley’s favourite foods, trivia contests, and lots of laughs. See the website or foyer poster for more details.          

Please pre-register with Peggy ( /604-619-5576)                                 

 or Heather at (                                

Volunteers to help with food and other tasks needed.

Leadership Team Update 

Christine and the Wardens are happy to announce that the Leadership Team has embarked on a period of in-depth discussion about the needs, concerns and hopes of the parish and all its congregants. With the support of Archdeacon Lynne McNaughton, we are meeting regularly to form specific goals and action plans in the areas of communication, time management and spiritual leadership. This period of professional development is well-timed as it coincides with the addition to the team of Monica, our new rector’s warden, and Randy Williams, our new Parish Administrator who brings many skills of his own to the smooth running of the office.

Over the weeks and months to come, we will update you on some of the tangible improvements we are making to some of our processes and practices, and we will no doubt seek your feedback. In the meantime, we ask for your prayers and support as we work together, and with all of you, to grow and strengthen our ministry with each other and the world beyond.

Your wardens are Phil Sunderland (People's Warden), Monica Macdonald (Rector's Warden), and Peggy Trendell-Jensen (Associate Warden).


 Vacuum Needed A sturdy Vacuum Cleaner in good working order is needed for the church. If you have a vacuum you would like to donate, please contact Randy in the church office

St. Martin’s Anglican Church will be welcoming The Rev. Robin Ruder Celiz as our new Rector. The Bishop has set the date of the Induction of The Reverend Celiz to St Martin’s for Wednesday, October 1st at 7:00 pm at St. Martin’s.  A reception will follow in the parish hall. All are welcome to attend.


 Food Bank – Non-perishable items (coffee, canned fruit/veggies, Kleenex, dry soups, etc.) are much appreciated. Please drop off donations in the box in the church lobby.