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Nowruz for my people is a time of being together, hugging, kissing and showing our love to each other. Nowruz is a time to pay a visit to friends or relatives that we do not have a chance to visit and share the love in the past year, in other words, it is the time for Reunion.
But this year is different than all the 36 New Years I have experienced before in my life.
The time our New Year starts nobody, except my husband, was around to hug me, nobody was around to cheer the happiness of New Year's Eve. 
Unlike all previous New Years, we didn't wear our best clothes and there was no excitement to go to our family gathering or friends' place and share this happiness.
It was hard. I couldn't feel the wonderful spirit of Nowruz. Video call with my friends and family felt artificial. I wanted to see them in person, hug them, and feel their love toward me or show them in person how much I love them and how much I need them by my side.
Until next year - Nowruz Mubarak!