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The Order, into which Tony Dodd will be invested on Sunday, was established by a decision of Diocesan Council in 2008. It’s purpose is to honour and give special recognition to lay members of the Diocese who have given outstanding service to their parish for a significant period of time in their volunteer ministry. 

Every two years, each parish in the Diocese is given an opportunity to nominate a member of their congregation. At the same time, the Diocesan Bishop is able to nominate a number of individuals whose service extends beyond the boundaries of a parish into the wider diocese. The first investiture Eucharist for the Order was held on 2 November 2009 at Christ Church Cathedral in Vancouver, with then Bishop Michael Ingham presiding. Subsequent investitures have been held annually, and in recent years, every two years on or near the Feast of All Saints. 

This year, owing to the pandemic, a single gathering was not possible so Archbishop Melissa has invited parishes to make the presentation of the Scroll and the medallion at a service on or near All Saints day. These presentations will collectively constitute the Tenth Investiture since the order was established. 

The medallion is a roundel of coloured enamel featuring the official badge of the Diocese. This symbol of blue and gold contains elements drawn from the Diocesan coat of arms including the cross and small birds found in the arms attributed to St Edward the Confessor, and was granted by the Chief Herald of Canada on 15 May 2007. The insignis hangs from a special blue, gold, and white silk ribbon, designed by two Canadian symbols experts Dr. Christopher McCreery and Major Carl Gauthier, and woven by Toye Kenning in England.   

Previous Award recipients form St. Catherine’s:  

2009    Laurie Dye, Gordon Lee, Phyllis Mittelstead and Linda Robertson   

2010 Michael Ashby and Heather Luccock   

2011   Dora Harvey, Tom Hodges and John Luccock   

2012   Phil Sunderland   

2013   Janet Morris  

2014   Robb Watt ( invested in 2015)   

2015   Maggie Kerr-Wilson   

2016   Molly Koning 

2018   Susanne Stockdill