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If you have a request for prayers for an immediate and urgent matter,please contact Natasha or Sharon at the church office at [email protected] or call her at 604-985-0666 and she will pass your name onto a member of the Prayer Circle group. 

One of the group will call you back and ask what you information you would like passed on to the Prayer Circle group. 

It can be just a name (or even just initials) or a brief description of the issue.  It is up to you.   

The request for prayers will be passed verbally on to members of the Prayer Circle group. 

It will not be put in any written form such as emails or texts in order to ensure confidentiality. 

Members of the Prayer Circle will keep requests strictly confidential.  You may make requests for anyone you know.   The Prayer Circle group will pray for one week for the requested individual.  Names can also be placed on the weekly prayer list that goes out each Friday and is included in the Sunday intercessions.    

There are so far only six members of the Prayer Circle group.  We encourage more parishioners to join.  This ministry is ideal for those who have difficulty attending meetings. Members will pray individually from home or wherever they are. 

If you would like to join the Prayer Circle or have a question, please contact Linda Robertson at 604 375 2272 or [email protected]