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On Sunday at 4:30pm twenty of us gathered in the Sanctuary for a beautiful time of singing (led by Alice Korfman and Joyful Voice), prayer and reflection (led by Rev. Anne Crosthwait). We moved to three reflective spaces to let go and receive. One of them was a labyrinth in the gym. As we walked, we knew that Light was breaking in!

What good is it to me? From Meister Eckhart

What good is it to me

if this eternal birth of the divine Son

takes place unceasingly

but does not take place within myself? 

And, what good is it to me

if Mary is full of grace

and if I am not also full of grace?        

What good is it to me

for the Creator to give birth to the Son

if I do not also give birth to that Son

in my time

and my culture? 

This then,

is the fullness of time:

When the Son of God

is begotten in us.