Brenda  Stenson
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On November 30th we received the following update on behalf of REST (Regional Ecumenical Steering Committee).

Both the families are on the move.  This will put people closer to where they are going to school and we have been very fortunate to get the accommodation in today's market.  Due to the sudden acquiring of an apartment and the rapid need to furnish it, it has been decided that St. Catherine’s will outfit the kitchen and other churches will do the rest. It is unfortunate it is such a rushed request but it must be done by this weekend. The committee will try and collect articles from the thrift shops but will need to purchase many items that have been recommended by CNIB as well.   Those interested in supporting this work are asked to assist with a $15 donation. If donations exceed the immediate need surplus funds will go to the refugee fund. Thank you for all the support St. Catherine's parishioners have so generously given in the past.