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COBS Bread Bakery was one of the reasons why our Thanksgiving Meal initiatives were successful over the years. The warm, fluffy buns were the perfect accompaniment to our traditional Thanksgiving feast. They added a delicious touch to our meal and were enjoyed by all.

It is part of Bakers Delight, an Australian bakery franchise established in 1980 by Roger and Lesley Gillespie. Since expanding from a multi-generational family business, they have grown to over 700 bakeries in communities around the world, including 145 bakeries across Canada.

COBS Bread Bakery bake fresh in-house all day, everyday, and when they close their door, they donate their leftover baked goods to local charities.

Visit COBS Bread Bakery on 3105 Edgemont Blvd. They are open everyday until 6:30 pm.