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We extend our heartfelt gratitude to the Tomahawk Restaurant for generously providing the delectable food for our Thanksgiving meal. The thoughtfulness and effort put into preparing the delicious hot meals were truly evident and greatly appreciated. The Tomahawk Restaurant's commitment to quality and excellence shone through in every bite, leaving us all with a sense of satisfaction and contentment.

The Tomahawk Restaurant is the oldest restaurant running in Vancouver, serving friends and families since 1926 with its wide array of comfort classics. Located in 1550 Philip Avenue, this restaurant is committed to quality and customer care.

Aside from serving delightful food using locally sourced and fresh ingredients, Tomahawk Restaurant is also a part-museum as it features an impressive collection of West Coast native artifacts including totem poles, pots and drums.

Furthermore, Tomahawk Restaurant is committed to prevent food waste and promoting sustainability. Through its partnership with Too Good To Go, the world's oldest running restaurant, hopes to reduce waste by rescuing unsold food and reducing the 2.5 billion tonnes of waste that are produced annually, and aims to contribute to a greener environment and encourage mindful consumption by transforming surplus food into accessible, affordable meals.

Photo grabbed from Tomahawk Restaurant's website.