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We open our hearts and hands to offer:

BELONGING for people of all generations;

a JOURNEY of faith and Christian spirituality;

RELATIONSHIPS within our walls and outside them;

and MINISTRY to those in need in Christ’s name. 

I belong to Saint Catherine’s because… 

"“…it was the first place where I felt at home when I arrive to Canada. It’s my peaceful place. Where I can talk and thank God for everything that he is giving me. And the community is amazing, everyone has been nice and charming since I arrived. Helped and listened to me whenever I needed”. - Hugo


“…I grew up in Montreal and attended Church every Sunday.  It was our special family day. I started teaching at St. Catherine's in the preschool twenty- six years ago.  I was asked to help out with Messy Church, Shrove Tuesdays and the Family Christmas Eve Services. I became a greeter during Covid and met so many welcoming parishioners. I began attending Sunday Services regularly as I felt the need to reaffirm my faith and wanted to make my life more meaningful and to be closer to God. I was confirmed here a few years ago and want to continue my spiritual journey at St. Catherine’s. The weekly sermons are very engaging and I am happy to be part of this community.” - Marion

- - - - - - - 


The office phone rings, a distraught person requests a visit for their dying parent. The prayer circle prays, a care card is sent, Rev. Sharon visits the family at the bedside and provides early grief care and money from her discretionary fund to assist this family in need. The memorial garden is prepared, leaflets are printed, folded, stapled. The church and livestream are prepared for a memorial – all in a week. Facilities Coordinator, Ashkon, arrives early to receive instructions – he sets up chairs for the bell choir, the big band, NA for young adults, AA for adults, a piano recital, an art show, Sunday Worship and Parish Council. Preschool kids bustle in received by caring staff, and Spiritual Practice Group members gather on zoom to learn to pray in anxious times. Preparations are being made to ready the community gardens as the property development committee walk around to visualize possibilities - all in a week. Around the Diocese, Father Matthew meets with street entrenched youth, Urban Aboriginal Ministry provide a smudging ceremony for a friend recovering in hospital, and Rev. Peter boards ships to provide care for seafarers – all in a week. The choir arrives by 9 am, the Altar is set, the    coffee is made, the liturgy is ready…. it is Sunday. We gather to prepare  ourselves for - another week ….



Pledging is an individual’s intention about how they will donate money to St Catherine’s Anglican Church to sustain the mission and ministry in 2024.

Pledge using:

• This online Google Form 

The paper form is also available (below as a download)

 Donating through Canada Helps online is also an option. You can do this once, or set up a monthly withdrawal.

 •Use this Donation Webpage  

All monies donated to the church are Tax Deductible. This means that when you fill out your tax forms for 2024, the charitable receipt you receive in 2025 can be applied as a credit against your income in 2024 which will lower the amount of tax you pay.

Confidentiality regarding donation amounts is respected. Alison Watt is St. Catherine’s Donations Coordinator. You may contact her at: