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I am so grateful for the friendship in this community, and for your ongoing presence in each others' lives and in my life. This continues to be a time that requires much flexibility, change and adaptation from each one of us. As with the pandemics in human history, we are transitioning to our new normal (see history of pandemics). One thing I am grateful for is that God continues to move toward us - God's faithful relationship to humanity and the natural world is unchanging. And I take great comfort, even as I learn to trust this.

A subcommittee of St Catherine's Parish Council - Connections and Wellness Subcommittee (formed for this time of COVID 19) - have compiled a survey to understand our experience of church from a distance. Would you take a few minutes (7 minutes to be exact) to complete if for us? We would value your feedback as we continue connect remotely. You can find the survey here: Survey