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The discovery of the unmarked graves of indigenous students who attended the Residential Schools has high-lighted the need to deepen our understanding of the role of the Anglican Church and how we can continue to heal and support  First Nations peoples.  Starting in the early 1990s the Anglican church apologized for its painful participation and started on a path of reconciliation.     

The Diocese of New Westminster ran an education campaign between 2004 -2008 about the church’s role called “Honouring Our Commitment”.  Gordon Lee and Linda Robertson co-chaired this diocesan campaign which also raised $1.3 million dollars towards the national Church’s settlement with the federal government and First Nations people.     

Linda and Gordon will hold three sessions starting in November and continuing into the Spring of 2022 about the history of the Residential Schools and the diocesan response towards reconciliation.   

Aboriginal spirituality will be discussed with a guest speaker in a second session and in the Spring, Robb Watt will discuss the public art of Coast Salish artist Susan Point and the book he wrote about her work.     We are in conversation with the Diocesan Indigenous Missioner to prepare for these events.

Dates and further information will be posted in the Fall.