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Do you have a question you would like answered about St Catherine’s or is there an issue or a comment you would like to see discussed?  

The Wardens have a Q & A section in the Friday notices to answer questions so that everyone has the same information. We encourage you to call or email: 
Robb ( or 604 980 5012
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with your questions and if we think that others would benefit from hearing your question answered, we will put it into the Friday notices.  We will always respond to your question, of course, even if it does not go into the Friday email notices.  
So please – send us any questions, comments or suggestions and we will post them anonymously in our Friday notices.  All questions will be posted on our website under News:  View Wardens Corner on Website News

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  2.  Question about the use of our gym on Saturdays (below)

Q:  Are we prioritizing our tenants (such as the Lights Up Theatre program in our gym on Saturdays) so that parishioners who wish to hold a funeral or memorial service on a Saturday do not have access to the gym for the reception?

A:  We have reserved the church and gym on two days for funerals and memorial services  - one weekday – Friday afternoons - and one weekend day – Sunday afternoons.  

We chose these dates around Rev Sharon’s schedule.  Rev Sharon is paid at 80% of a full-time priest (though she puts in many more hours a week than this).  On Thursdays she works at UBC in her other part-time job.  Her days off are Saturday and Monday.  As she is at the church on Fridays and Sundays, we offer either of these days for funerals and memorial services. This allows her to schedule her work at St Catherine’s around the times she is at the church.  

This past year has seen an enormous increase in the number of memorial services due to people waiting for covid restrictions to be lifted.  In addition to parishioners, many people from outside St Catherine’s have heard about or attended one of Rev Sharon’s  memorial services and been impressed with her pastoral care leading up to the service and the sensitivity around designing a service that is meaningful for the family.  Our memorial services are becoming an important spiritual connection with the surrounding community.