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Your notice sheet for the upcoming week is attached. Please note the following Cottage Meeting details. There is link below to a sign-up and there will be a sign-up form in the foyer this Sunday. 

Cottage Meetings Announced

Acting on feedback received at our Vestry meeting, the wardens and Parish Council have asked Bishop Melissa to assist with planning at St. Catherine’s. This assistance has come in the form of a series of upcoming Cottage Meetings.  Because collaboration is vital to the health and effectiveness of the church, all parishioners are encouraged to sign up now to participate in one of the fifteen meetings.  Each meeting will be led by two professional facilitators who will listen to the views of a small group (no more than 8) parishioners.  These sessions are confidential; you may voice concerns or offer appreciation regarding any facet of life at St. Catherine’s. 

Once the Cottage Meetings are complete, the facilitators will submit a report to the diocese.  The Rector and Parish Council will consider the findings in concert with the Bishop.  Following this, a parish meeting will be held to present outcomes and discuss outstanding questions. 

The meetings will start very soon. You can sign up on line now by clicking here or there is a sign-up sheet in the church office; it will also be in the foyer this Sunday.  Please consider which Cottage Meeting you are able to attend.  There is space for 8 participants in each session. 

Meeting dates and times are as follows:

Tuesday, May 19th          

1:00-2:30pm (Choir Room)*

4:00-5:30pm (Mary Pellat Room)                                               

7:00-8:30 (Mary Pellat)

Wednesday, May 20th   

7:00-8:30pm (Mary Pellat)

Friday, May 29th               

10:30-12:00 noon (Mary Pellat)   

1:00-2:30pm (Mary Pellat)

Monday, June 1st            

10:30-12:00 noon (Mary Pellat)  

1:00-2:30pm (Mary Pellat)

Tuesday, June 2nd           

1:00-2:30pm (Choir Room)*                                               

4:00-5:30 (Mary Pellat)                                               

7:00-8:30 (Mary Pellat)

Wednesday, June 3rd    

10:30-12:00 noon (Choir Room)*                                               

1:00-2:30 (Mary Pellat)                                               

3:30-5:00 (Mary Pellat)

Saturday, June 6th           

10:00-11:30 (Music Room)*

*If wheelchair or stair access is an issue for you, please note that these Cottage Meetings will take place in the lower level of the church.  The facilitators from the Synod Office have asked four of your fellow parishioners to help arrange the Cottage Meetings. If you have any questions or need any help, please contact one of them:

Evan Jennings               [email protected]

Monica MacDonald         [email protected]      

Diane Stickney              [email protected]          

Elaine Van Horne            [email protected]