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The following camp testimonial is offered by Mark Trendell-Jensen: St. Clement's youth coordinator, an enthusiastic camper, and (alongside our Ian Thomas) a member of Camp Artaban's Board of Management.

Now that we are truly into summer the week after Canada Day, it reminds me of the amazing weeks up at Camp Artaban on Gambier Island.

My time at Artaban began by me going up with my family for family camps, then when I was a little older attending the co-ed camps where groups of us kids would share a cabin and play all sorts of games and a range of activities during each day.

There were sunny afternoons at the waterfront pier boating or swimming, sports at the rec hall, archery at the ball field, and cool nights by the campfire that have made my memories of Artaban stick with me all these years. Some of my stand-out memories include 'Rock the Dock' chapel at the end of the pier under the stars, and the afternoon rest hours when you could really get to know your fellow campers during free time.

Finally, I became a staff member, being on the other side of things and now the one leading the games and activities but having no less fun doing it. All these experiences are a big reason I continue to work with youth today, and they certainly strengthened my own personal relationship with God. And I still enjoy the camaraderie of many of those "camp friends" I made years ago.

I cannot imagine a better way for a child, teen, or family to spend a week or weekend in the summer. If you are looking for a memorable getaway for this summer, Artaban truly is one to get away to! Please check out the Camp Artaban website for information on their youth and family camps in August, and for their all-ages "island getaways" in July.

And here's a p.s. from Peggy Trendell-Jensen! Like Mark, I grew up at camp and it has been my spiritual and social "happy place" at all different stages in my life. This weekend I will be happily accepting Artaban's offer of a free-form getaway in July. Food, accommodation and transport are all included in the cost, and your time is yours to do with as you will. Waterfront, woods, walks? Reading, relaxing? Up to you!

Here is the  Link and maybe perhaps you can go.