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On our May 16th service, we had as our second reading, a poem by Henry Doyle from the writers collective. It is a powerful poem and the lines that really hit home for me were:

Their drugs bring them to Heaven but they wake up in Hell in cardboard boxes.  They light up crack pipes as little pieces of their souls burn into the night.   I hate them but pray for them in one breath looking out the Sheldon Hotel window Our coffee time was extended to feature a special poetry event with the following poets for the Easter liturgy we have been reflecting on. Their work in the anthology…...

Voice to Voice was published along with a collaboration with original art song compositions. Elee Kraljii Gardiner hosted, moderated and spoke with such ease and clarity to make us understand the depths of the writer’s group. Brenda Price shared, along with a poem about herself, in a voice with deep emotion how her much loved brother died of an overdose. It was very personal and brave of her to share this with us.  Jano Klimus not only spoke his meaningful words but did so with such passion and delight to our ears accompanied by great gestures for our eyes.

This was such a special event as to have given rise to more than a few tears but with much thought.

message from Lynn Spence