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Matthew 17:1-9

Matthew describes the transfiguration of Jesus,

-       that is the unveiling of Christ,

-       that is the disciples’ transformation… 

As a vision (in verse 9). 

It was an ordinary day when 4 friends climbed up a mountain.

For us it might be skiing or snowshoeing or hiking...

And they had a realization that day, that was so profound, that they wrote it up using the most evocative imagery and metaphor they had available to them as faithful Jewish people.  It was like the story our ancestors told when Moses came down from the mountain and his face was glowing and they couldn’t look at him, he was glowing.  It was like the story of Elijah being taken up to heaven. It was like the day of Jesus baptism. Where something in us, recognized something in him. 

Something changed in their way of seeing… they were transfigured… metamorphosed… transformed. They saw Jesus as the Christ.

Declaration had become possibility.