John 14:1-14
The Inclusive life-giving path of Jesus, I AM the Way

What if Jesus words in John’s gospel are not to be extracted as passwords for exclusion or inclusion?

But are part of a narrative that continues to express the Wisdom of Jesus to a group of first century friends. Where Jesus offers a lens for a life of suffering, as a path to unity with God in Christ?

Catherine Keller, On the Mystery: Discovering Divinity in Process

Some author/book recommendations: 

Walter Brueggemann Prophetic Imagination

Catherine Keller On the Mystery: Discovering Divinity in Process

Cynthia Bourgeault Wisdom Jesus


Podcast recommendation: 

Richard Rohr: Radical Inclusivity 


Children's activities: 

Hey kids, here are some questions that might be fun to ask your Mom on Mother's Day to learn more about her: HERE