John 1:1-18
Words in-fleshed: enculturation

Today is National Aboriginal Day and we’re using readings from scripture and prayers that were selected by the Anglican Council of Indigenous People. It is important today, of all days, to be reminded of in-fleshment, of enculturation.  Where each human being, each family, each clan, each nation is free to embody their values, their understanding of God, of Christ, in a self-determined way.

And today is also Father’s Day. 

A day where we honour our elders who have given us wisdom. And we pray for and encourage those who are in the midst of fathering children.  The words, ideas and stories you speak out shape lives and will shape futures.As followers of Christ, we believe that our words co-create with God.We get to name our wrongs and share our values so that they will be in-fleshed in the next generation. 

Words becoming flesh.


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