Romans 13:8-14 & Matthew 18:15-20
Labour Day: Binding what is good to our hearts Labour Day: Binding what is good to our hearts

"In this passage, we are given a picture of how our Christian ethics and values are worked out in community – as we work together to apply the ways of Jesus to our lives."

Wendell Berry “Two Minds”  

"The Rational Mind is motivated by the fear of being misled, of being wrong. Its purpose is to exclude everything that cannot empirically or experimentally be proven to be a fact. The Sympathetic Mind is motivated by a fear of error of a very different kind: the error of carelessness, of being unloving. Its purpose is to be considerate of whatever is present, to leave nothing out."

Sermon Resources: 

Matthew 18 - Binding and Loosing by Mark Allan Powell

Quaker Clearing Committee: by Parker Palmer

Jewish Ritual: Laying Tefillin 


Romans 13: 8-14    Divine Light by Bunyani Magomedovich Kallaev

Matthew 18:15-20    The Exhortation to the Apostles  by James Tissot

Children's Activity

Saying Sorry and Forgiveness