Exodus 33: 12-23
Life as a wild ride  Life as a wild ride

John O Donehue:

“At the heart of Christianity, you have this idea of intimacy, which is true belonging, being seen, the ultimate homecoming… which we must always keep together with the other side. (Meister Eckhart’s) idea that the closer we get to what we call God, the more it ceases to be God. It is he says: a real safari with the wildness and danger and otherness of God”.


Money and Power by Jacques Ellul, Forward by David W Gill.

Understanding Jacques Ellul, by James Clarke 2013

Prayer by Walter Brueggemann



#1 Moses and the Glory of God - artist unknown
#2 The Tribute Money (Render to Caesar what is Caesars) artist Italian Renaissance artist Titian 1516