John 12:20-33
Hidden in the earth Hidden in the earth Hidden in the earth

Following the path of spirituality by John Cassian (4th century monk)

First, we must renounce our former way of life and move closer to our heart’s desire, toward the interior life. Second, we must do the inner work (of asceticism) by renouncing our mindless thoughts.…Third, and finally, we must renounce our own images of God so that we can enter into contemplation of God as God.

Resources for going deeper:

Podcast by Barbara Brown Taylor: Silence, Vulnerability and Love. Encountering Silence Podcast

Tibetan Monks sand mandala with commentary. Youtube video

Steve Garnass Holmes poetry: Website unfolding light

Book: Seeking the God beyond by J P Williams - Link to


Image 1: Photo by Deborah Foster

Image 2: Image from St. Shenouda monastary

Image 3: Artist Adham Badawy