Job 31: 1-11; Mark 4:25-41
Let Us Cross to the Other Side Let Us Cross to the Other Side Let Us Cross to the Other Side

Like an endless falling

From "Awed to Heaven, Rooted in Earth:  Prayers of Walter Brueggemann" 

Like an endless falling

"Things fall apart,

the center cannot hold.

"We are no strangers to the falling apart;

We perpetrate against the center of our lives,

and on some days it feels

like an endless falling,

like a deep threat,

like rising water,

like ruthless wind.

But you (God) in the midst,                

you back in play,                

you rebuking and silencing and ordering,                

you creating restfulness in the very eye of the storm.

You our center:                

cause us not to lie about the danger,                

cause us not to resist your good order.

Be our God.  Be the God you promised,                 

and we will be among those surely peaceable in your order.

We pray in the name of the one through whom all things hold together.Amen.

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