Matthew 10:28-33
Courage, faith and Justice! Courage, faith and Justice!


Saint Catherine of Alexandria is an inspiration to women who are seeking equality, justice and education.

Today we think of young girls in Kenya and the mission of Power of Education Africa.

The 2010 Kenyan constitution has provisions to improve the rights of girls and women. Uneducated girls and women, especially in rural areas, will not even know about these rights. Without education, oppressive practices will prevail, and discrimination will continue.  Nyanza Province has a high rate of HIV/AIDS, with around 20% of the population being infected. As desperate, uneducated girls are more likely to have sex at an early age, marry younger, and be at higher risk for infection, outside intervention can be crucial to their future. Our Foundation’s presence in the lives of these girls aims to break the cycle of poverty and desperation. When girls enter Secondary school for four years, they remove themselves from harm’s way. They receive an education and good nutrition. They develop more life resources and have brighter prospects for the future.

Service Art: 

Image 1: Swanson-FestivalOfLights (Vanderbilt)

Image 2: Ambrogio Lorenzetti, 1285-approximately 1348 creative commons