The Anglican Church of Canada baptizes both infants and adults to receive them into the family of God.

What is baptism?

Baptism is the sign of new life in  Christ and unites Christ with his people. When we become baptized we make a  commitment to follow Jesus Christ. We let go of our old ways of seeing others and  ourselves. We learn to see one another through the eyes of Christ. We make a  conscious decision to respect others and ourselves, to grow in our ability to live in  harmony with others, and to forgive. We have a responsibility to resist evil in  our own lives and to work to transform our society into a caring family centred  on Christ's passionate love for the world.

At the time of baptism, the person  is formally received as a member of the church, and may receive Holy Communion  (or Eucharist).

What is infant baptism?

In the Anglican Church, children may  be baptized with parents and sponsors making these commitments for them. The  parents and sponsors and the parish community also commit on their own to bring  these children up in the church to understand God's purpose for the world.

If parents are not ready to make  baptismal promises or wish to defer baptism for a while, the church offers a  service of thanksgiving for the gift of a child. In this service the family  gives thanks for the birth and prays for God's help in the child's care and  nurture.

Who may be baptized?

Any adult who believes God is  calling her or him into the Christian way of life is invited to be baptized.  Any baptized adult may present a  child for baptism. Usually the person bringing the child forward is a baptized  parent. Baptized or not, it is customary that both parents of the child consent  to the baptism of the child. A single parent may bring a child to be baptized  on her or his own.

Who are sponsors?

Sponsors are baptized adult members  of a Christian community. They are witnesses to the baptism and accept  responsibility for supporting the person's  spiritual development-his or her growth in Christ.

Both children and adults have  sponsors. Traditionally, children have had three sponsors (often called  godparents)-two relatives or family friends of the child's own sex, and one of the  opposite sex. Today however parents are often the sponsors of their children.  When a child cannot answer for herself or himself, the sponsors make the  promises on his or her behalf.

Is there a fee for baptism?

There is no fee. Once a person  becomes a member of the Anglican Church of Canada, that person supports a  parish with time, talent, and financial resources.

What is the service of baptism in the Anglican Church  of Canada?

The service includes the reading of  scripture and preaching of a sermon, the presentation of the candidates, and  the affirmation of beliefs by the candidates, or in the case of children, their  parents and sponsors. Baptism can be in the form of immersion, or by the  pouring of water on the head of the candidate for baptism. The priest or deacon  says, "I baptize you in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the  Holy Spirit". The sign of the cross is then traced with water on the  candidate's forehead to show that baptism brings the gift of the Holy Spirit.  The candidate is given a candle to represent the light of Christ and is  received into the church community. Normally the service continues with the celebration  of Holy Communion (the Eucharist).

What if I wish to become an Anglican but am already  baptized?

Baptism in any Christian church or denomination in the name of the God, Jesus, and the  Holy Spirit, is accepted by the Anglican Church of Canada. Anglicans do not  re-baptize. Any baptized person may become a member of our church by regularly attending  an Anglican parish and contributing to its life and ministry.

*Please contact the church office if you or someone you know would like to be baptized at St. Catherine's Church.