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Do you have a question you would like answered about St Catherine’s or is there an issue or a comment you would like to see discussed?  

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  1. Chairs Arriving
  2. Gym use on Saturdays 
  3. Memorial Service Days (Below)

Q.  Follow-up to our Question last week about whether the gym can be used on Saturdays for memorial service receptions in addition to the designated days of Fridays and Sunday afternoons.

A:  Rev. Sharon always discusses the date to be chosen for the service with the family and will do everything to accommodate them.  If, for example there were out of town family members  who could only attend a service on a Saturday or there were other reasons why a Friday or Sunday would work well for the family, we would hold the service on a Saturday.  In the two years that we have designated Fridays and Sundays, Rev. Sharon has not had any requests specifically for a Saturday service. 
If we needed the gym on a Saturday, we would make arrangements with our main Saturday gym renters to adjust their schedule.  The Lights Up Theatre is our biggest contributor of rental income after the Pre-School.  They have recently expanded their program to include special needs children. We continue to require flexibility from our rental groups regarding accommodating unscheduled church services, every now and then. However, this past year has been a very busy one with memorial services since the end of the covid restrictions. Rev. Sharon has had some weeks where she has done three to four services in a week.
In addition, by limiting the days in the week for memorials, Rev. Sharon is able to pace memorials. This is also important for all volunteers and staff involved (Altar Guild, Garden Team, Music and Office Administration).