Holy Week 2021

March 28th, 2021 Palm Sunday will be a livestreamed service available on the website/youtube. If you haven't received a blessed palm cross, they are available in the chapel for pick up through the week. 

Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday of Holy Week (March 29th - 31st) a Zoom prayer time (video and phone in) at 8pm with reflections by a member of St Catherine's Community. We will be praying together, reflecting on scripture and hearing a personal reflection on patience. Have a candle with you to light as we enter into the presence of the Holy together. More details on the events pages

Maundy Thursday (April 1st), three people in the St Catherine's community are hosting a short Zoom gathering from the tables in their homes. We invite you to join them at 7pm for a 40 minute time of remembering Jesus' last night with his disciples in the upper room. Details for registering here

For Good Friday (April 2nd), you are invited to an outdoor walk of the Stations of the Cross around the church, the way Jesus walk to the Cross. Members of the St Catherine's community have used their artistic talents to produce 14 visuals of the stations. We encourage you to register for a time between 10 and 2pm. A maximum of 5 people will be starting the stations at a time. More details here. 

Easter Sunday: A livestreamed service at 10am, with communion in the lobby from 11:30 to 1pm. More details here.